HTown Lettering specializes in large scale custom lettering murals. We've done things like painted company mission statements, restaurant menu chalk boards, wedding welcome boards, and live-event art, but we're always itching to push the limits of size and application.

About the artist

Howdy! My name is Terence Tang, and I'm an independent designer and lettering artist from Houston, Texas. After over a decade of corporate web design, I re-discovered a joy for creating analog art via hand lettering. With an itch to draw on a larger scale and encouragement from my wife, I turned one entire wall of our garage into a chalk wall and began practicing large compositions.

Posting the work to Instagram led to a commission from a local business, and then another, and another. I started HTown Lettering with the goal of being Houston's go-to large scale custom lettering artist for any occasion. 

If you're in need of chalk lettering or a large painted mural, complete the questionnaire on my Process page. The more details you can provide (such as the size of the art needed, project timing, business goals, scope of usage, etc.), the more efficient our communication will be. Thank you!