HTown Chalk creates one-of-a-kind pieces of large-scale art, and there are many factors that go into planning such a piece. To inquire about mural services, follow these steps:

1) Complete and submit the following questionnaire:

2) Look for an email response within 2-3 days

All of the information you provide in the questionnaire regarding your project will be considered, and I will reach out via email with additional questions or concerns to determine the full project scope.

3) Agree on scope and kick off project

Once the full project scope is determined and fees are agreed upon, I'll send an electronic invoice for 50% of the fee to officially kick off the project. Projects larger than $1,000 may be accompanied with a contract.

4) Concept / mockup

I will begin sketching the art and will create a digital mockup the mural in your space. Up to 2 revision rounds will be allowed.

5) Schedule chalking/painting day(s)

Figure out when to get the art applied to your board or wall!

6) Final project payment

Once the project is completed, I'll send an electronic invoice for the remaining 50% of the fee.